Contract Price Aliases for Estimates/Invoices

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I have a suggestion that may help a lot of companies. We sell products to many different builders. The serialized equipment is on quoted contract prices that are good for several years. Each of these contracts get a different price than the next one, but the individual contract price stays the same for the duration. At the moment, we have to refer to several different price sheets per builder and manually update prices on each estimate/invoice.

Option 1: I would like to see an option to enter prices that would apply to a parent and all sub customers for individual items (serialized and non). Maybe within the items tabs add “Contract Price” where you can add a parent customer and the price they get it at. You would have to be able to “Add additional contract” to enter multiple contracts on the same product.

Option 2: Create something similar to an item alias for prices… For example we sell a model number “ABC123″. I would like to add an item number “Builder 1 – ABC123” to the estimate that would transfer to POs etc as the real model of “ABC123”, it would be received, inventoried, and serialized under the real model number. The only difference would be you could select the different item name with the price on estimate/invoice, all background functions would be under the real item. It could even print with the real model number.

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