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Would like to see a payment link for invoices emailed to allow the client to enter their own credit card info.

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  1. We would like something like this too. How would this work? My question is for Shawn or Aptora or anyone. Would the link take them to a web page? We wouldn’t want them emailing us a credit card number- right?

  2. Another software we use has a integration with our payment processor vault. this generates a token when they enter their credit card details on a secure site. That keeps us in compliance for keeping cards on file as we don’t actually keep the number on file the software keeps the secure token. When we email an invoice the client can select to pay that invoice with their card via the email which links to the online version of the invoice.

  3. I am new for Aptora. I didn’t think I would miss my ability to email a client an invoice and have them pay via link so much.
    Either as simple as just a way for the client to pay the invoice through our connected merchant and have the payment apply to the invoice correctly or take it the step further as Shawn mentioned and store the CC as token in our software for future payments as well.


    I would appreciate this kind of feature as well. Emails are not secure, so asking a customer to email their credit card information is no Bueno. Instead, I make sure I get the credit card over the phone, but people cannot always answer the phone because they are busy on the other line or tied up in a meeting.

    TLDR: Allowing customers to pay online via a link would be fantastic.

  5. We have decided to do this work. It is not designed or scheduled at this time. However, that is next. We will be doing it for sure. We will keep everyone posted.

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