GeoTime for Jobs and Active Work Orders

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The ability for employees (who do not need access to Aptora Mobile) to select an Active Work Order that is not assigned to them. Also the ability to select a Customer Job. It would be great to have filters that were saved or save last selection. Would also like to have a check box in employee that would limit them to work order types selected in the employee skills or to jobs that are in their default department.

This would enable floaters to have access across departments and types, but those who consistently working long term projects to only see the limited selections.

3 thoughts on “GeoTime for Jobs and Active Work Orders”

  1. If a user selects a work order, that would select a customer:job. So that is taken care of.

    Would a user ever need to select just a customer and not a work order?

    If we allow an employee to select any work order, they could have one hundred thousand to chose from. We need to limit their choices. Do you have any ideas on how we could do that?

    We could do one or more of the following:
    1. We could require the user to select a customer first.
    2. We could limit the work orders to those with the current date (that day)?
    3. We could not include work orders that are Not Scheduled or Void?

    You mentioned “a check box in employee that would limit them to work order types”. Is this a “Must Have”?

  2. User could need to select a Customer Job not a work order. This would happen for larger projects such as AIA projects.
    I would like to see all work orders that are active. Then have a filter that could be saved that would limit to a particular customer or job. The issue is with larger projects that last for months. Yes we could limit to work orders that are actively scheduled. You could also limit to the Stage “In Progress” or Limit to a certain “Status”. I would like for those to be in preferences, as this would not be the same for all.

    The idea behind a check box in the employee for restricting is mainly for limiting what is seen. This is NOT a must have, but would be a cool feature. To really drill down the control.

  3. Yes an employee would sometimes select a Customer/Job without a work order. For example a large project using AIA with multiple bid items. We could limit these projects by those that are in a particular stage or status. This would also work for work orders as well. With that said could there be a trigger to change status or stage when final invoice is created??

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