Import Work Orders

4 years agocompleted3

Have the Ability to import work orders from spreadsheet. We average 60-80 work orders per week. It would make things much quicker to be able to upload.

3 thoughts on “Import Work Orders”

  1. Do you create the work orders in Total Office Manager or Aptora Mobile II? My guess is that you are not, otherwise you would not need to import them. So, my followup question would be why not? I was just emailing with a long-time client of ours. His company enters 400 to 600 work orders each day into Total Office Manager.

  2. We create them in TOM. Curious how long it takes your client to enter 400 work orders? Do they set up template etc? Our customer provides us with a spreadsheet each week with a list of addresses, contacts, and inspector names. We then key them. However, we have to select a department, type, payroll tax, etc when doing so. It would be helpful it we could just drop in a spreadsheet. Instead of a few hours, it would take minutes. This is definitely something I would be willing to invest in.

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