Inventory Transfer Form Receipt


Have your employees ever taken stock and said ” I thought it was transferred” when they try to sell the item from their warehouse and their stock level is zero?

I have an idea that would be very useful.

When a a transfer is done, could we develop a way to print a transfer receipt.

Same concept as when a sale is made we have a receipt that can be printed.

We have an HR problem of technicians pulling stock and the transfer not being done which causes problems down the road.

A transfer receipt would be a useful tool to ensure the transaction gets done and would create accountability for the transfer.

Maybe a button added that says “save and print”

This would also be useful in my inventory replacement procedure as well as individual stock transfers

– I have a report that the manager fills out as he is pulling stock for the receiving warehouse

– A Inventory transfer form could be stapled to the report after the transfer to prove the items were transferred.

Could this possibly be done?

Thanks for the consideration

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