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Please integrate multi-level filtering. For example in the Pay Bills screen, the ability to Filter by vendor AND a date range would make paying bills much smoother.

In other lists, like work orders, the ability to filter by work order status AND the work order stage, would make pulling a quick report a lot easier.

Of course a 3rd or fourth layer of filtering would be helpful too.

I know you can do this with lists, but you don’t always need a semi-permanent filter when you are just searching for something that day. Or maybe you have a customer with a ton of properties and you located their name as the quick filter but you still have 100 more properties to sift through and setting up a filter would take much more time.

3 thoughts on “Multi Level Quick Filter (2 Filters)”

  1. The User or Global Filters are helpful for this. For instance, I have set up a Global Filter “Bills Due”. My set up is as follows : Field “Amount Due” | Condition “Greater than or Equal” | Criteria “0.01”
    This might be helpful to you.
    I also have many Global Filters set up for our Work Order Lists that include filtering by the parameters you listed above and more. There are some great ideas on the webinars for the Filters.

  2. I use global and user filters quite a bit, but sometimes you want to look for something like a certain vendor and a certain date. So as an example, Filters only work for dates that are general and if you wanted to be specific you would have to edit the filter and save every time. Sometimes the filtering criteria is a search you will only use once which is why I think a quick filter option would be a better fit in a lot of cases.

  3. Additionally, when searching by Category, have a drop down menu for list of categories to choose from. Employees cant remember (including myself) the exact names of categories to enter in the search field. This would be a HUGE help!

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