Make Boxes Bigger (use more space)

4 years agodeclined8

There is tons of empty real estate on forms and on workflow navigator. Instead of trying to crunch everything into these small congested spaces, increase height of boxes and increase fonts. Take more of the space. Makes viewing gentler on the eyes

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  1. You may know this. If you go to that form’s preferences, you can add a lot of additional columns. You have a lot of space because there are a lot of columns that can be added. Many of them are very useful. Juts right click on the form and select form preferences. That form can also be resized so that it is not so wide and there is much less empty space.

  2. I have lots of people that complain about the font size in TOM. They have a hard time reading items. An option to customize font sizes at least would be huge for a lot people.

  3. This work is possible but would would require a huge amount of programming labor. This would keep us from doing other work that most would consider to be a much higher priority. We would have to go through almost 600 forms. Each form could have an average of about 100 elements that need attention. That would mean 60,000 places would need to be changed. That process could take numerous weeks to complete. When finished, all of our existing videos and screenshots would look different.

    We use a Microsoft standard Tahoma 9pt Black. That is the same font Microsoft has been using in MS Office since Windows 95. We followed their design standards.

    We do plan a major user interface improvement for next year that will take about a year to complete. We will consider this at that time.

  4. I was thinking more about this and thought I would make some changes and time myself. The new Windows font to use is Segoe UI 9pt. This was very time-consuming.

    You have a good idea. I made a note to revisit this during our UI remodeling. Thank you for the suggestion.

  5. We declined this. It would require way too much work. It would take more than 1000 hours. We plan a major user interface redesign starting next year. We will try to address this at a later time. Thank you for the idea though.

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