Work Order Stage and Call Back on WO Customer Data Views

3 years agoapproved3

I can’t seem to find a Custom Data View that has Work Order information and also shows the stage. Can this important field be added? Particularly Work Order Details.

Also, call back (yes/no) and call back technician.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Work Order Stage and Call Back on WO Customer Data Views”

  1. Yes. We will add these fields to the current “Work Order Details” CDV:

    Stage (the Work Order Stage)
    Callback (Yes or No)
    Callback on WO # (the number of the WO that was the original)
    Callback on Technician (name of the technician from that WO)

  2. Thank you James!

    Another quick request, related, would it be possible to put Tech notes as a field too? I would like to see all information in one spot to create some pivot tables and identify root cause on call backs without opening each work order.

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