I get many complaints about the font size in mobile 2, i have submitted this as both a ticket request ( lol resolved – NOT) and as a feature request- ( ignored) so what has to happen for this to work???????? my customers are growing weary of having to get magnifying glasses just to read …


Undeposit Funds Report

The Balance Sheet gives provides an “Undeposited Funds Report”. Basically is it a “trust me” number, with no way to verify the accuracy. i.e. there is no easy way to see a summary of what makes this number as of a given date. A report that showed the customers and undeposited amounts paid that created …

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Add Landscape Orientation to the Mobile App

Please see if you guys can make mobile respond to landscape. When you rotate the app to landscape, nothing happens. This is for the app only. The browser version works fine. This is the case for Android anyway. We use Andriod so our request is for the Android app.

Schedule Board Saving Settings

Our Dispatcher has asked for the ability to save her layout and settings in the schedule board. Every time she opens the board she has to setup how the unscheduled work order list sorts.

Add Debit or Credit Column to Escrow Movement

We couple use a small favor please. We have a lot of service agreement escrow work to do. If we could have the amount add to the escrow list it would save us a lot of time. Thanks guys