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I get many complaints about the font size in mobile 2, i have submitted this as both a ticket request ( lol resolved – NOT) and as a feature request- ( ignored)
so what has to happen for this to work???????? my customers are growing weary of having to get magnifying glasses just to read printed off versions of the work order and the invoices i send from mobile 2….

2 thoughts on “FONT SIZE IN MOBILE II”

  1. Hello Barry,

    We hear you and others on this.

    In version, we made the following changes. There are many other changes, but these apply to your feature request.

    This update should be 100% public within a few days. It may go out tonight.

    We changed the font size on PDF emails. We now use font type Calibri, font size 11. It is not possible for everyone to agree on what to use. We also feel that it beyond the scope of an app to offer a utility to build your own reports. This is the Microsoft best practice, so we decided to go with this widely accepted standard.

    Full Release Notes

    Aptora Mobile II Release Notes

    I have attached a PDF generated after the update. Let us know if this change does the trick.

    Thank you


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