Ability to search vendor alias on invoices

We have vendor aliases on our items but cannot search for these when invoicing.  It would be a big help to not limit this by vendor.  Our retail counter doesn’t always know who we purchase the items from and the scanner is not picking up the items.

Auto Check Mobile Time Sheet Entries as Reimbursable

There really needs to be a company setting that will check mobile generated time sheets as reimbursable. Going back to the time sheet entries to manually check entries reimbursable for every invoice is very time consuming.

Edit Asset Disposed Date

Currently the Asset Disposed Date defaults todays date. If for whatever reason you sell an asset like a Truck you may not record the sale the actual date you sell it. For example we had a vehicle that we sold this year at the end of December. We did not record the day the transaction …

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Custom Forms Template

When designing a custom form (invoice, PO etc.) it would be create to have a template available for modification. The hardest part of the form design is getting the headers, footers and body setup correctly. And for certain items to group, subtotal and total. If the original form was available, then we could modify and …

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