In Progress

Perform Math in Form Builder

We would like to be able to do basic formulas when building a form or screen in form builder. Example would be to add two temperatures or subtract for delta t or may divide volts by amps. We use the program all of the time. We heard this was in the works but not sure.

Help Topics on Website

Can you connect the help linked in total office manager to the help topics online? The help files in the software are outdated and we have been told to use the ones here but they are not linked. Thank you.

Custom Data View for a budget

Hello. Please consider this CDV. We would like to have a CDV that shows our monthly budget compared to our income statement. It should be month to month for the current year. This will help with budgeting. The new budget features are great. We have been using the Excel import and it is fantastic, especially …

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Larger Note Fields in Mobile

The old mobile used to expand the note field as you type, the new field is very limited and will not grow. Can that be made to function more like the old one and have all notes visible so you don’t have to scroll in mobile? Specifically Tech/Private/Description note fields.

Caller ID for VoIP

We have used the caller id for the old analog phone system for a long time now. I worked well. We would like to have the exact same thing for our voip phone system. Is this possible to do? We would contribute funds to this project.