Work Order Push Notifications

Looking for push notifications for techs in the field to get alerts when assigned new work orders on mobile. An automated notification would remove the responsibility of the dispatcher having to constantly reach out if schedule changes.

Mobile filter for work orders

Can you Please add a filter that would allow us to filter on stages. Applies only to mobile app. work orders specifically

Company created dashoards

We need the ability to write multiple queries for specific roles within our organization. Each role should have a “dashboard” that gathers that important information. I would suggest that we be able to have a “dashboard” at the main TOM window. It should be displayed at start up and remain in the window until software …

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Automated email when sending invoice from TOM

It would be very helpful if company could change the “subject” line and “standard automated wording” when sending an invoice from TOM. We want subject to be from Pat’s Heating and don’t like the standard wording at all. Would be super helpful to be able to change this to how we want it to read.

Offline Mode for Mobile

We have noticed an issue with our techs that they will loose cell reception and still be in a work order. They will fill everything out in their notes and go to save but without reception it does not.

Push Notifications

Best idea ever! Our techs (sales folks and managers especially ) should get a push notification if a change is made to their schedule. Whether it be a cancelation, addition or note change.

Parent Credits to Children and Credits Between Children

Can you guys over there give users the ability to apply parent and child credits to other accounts in the family without having to go through the process of creating another invoice and credit or creating journal entries.