Author name: Ashley Porter

Serial # tool Select

The ability to select batches of serialized part on item reservation and invoice entry. This would make for a less tasking way of having to manually enter 100s of itemized parts to invoices and item reservations.

PreSale Invoice Type

The ability to create a presale or mark sale/invoice as a presale so when the part is received you can then mark the invoice as a sale/invoice and it posts the date the invoice was marked. Not that date of the invoice. This would help with the never ending issue/work arounds with zero costing. This …

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Service Agreement with multi-locations

The ability to create a service agreement for a customer who has multiple locations, IE a school campus or property management company that has different buildings with the same location.

Inventory Count Tracking

Field to check inventory as counted for the calendar year and a check box or way to mark that part has been counted.

Pin/Task List

Thoughts of adding a task bar on pin board for things your working on but not finished. This would reduce the need of having so many windows open for things your working on but waiting on answers for. You would be able to pin everything to this TASK bar so to speak and it really …

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