Author name: Bryan Capritta

“Created By” and “Modified By” Fields Lists and Data Viewa

Please add “Created By” and “Modified By” fields to all lists, particularly WO and Invoices but on all lists (i.e. customer, PO, Estimates, Sales Opportunities, etc.) Please also add those fields to customer data views (i.e. WO details, Invoice Item Details, etc.) Last, these fields should also be available in both the list search filters …

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Add additional contacts in Mobile WO

Can we add all contacts to the contact screen? It only shows the main number and techs don’t have quick/easy access to other numbers like alternative cell phones etc. It would also be nice to be able to document a phone number as a preferred contact method. Maybe a check box or something.

Work Order Stage and Call Back on WO Customer Data Views

I can’t seem to find a Custom Data View that has Work Order information and also shows the stage. Can this important field be added? Particularly Work Order Details. Also, call back (yes/no) and call back technician. Thank you.

Reconciliation Note Box

I think a note box in the reconciliation screen would be incredible helpful. I do weekly reconciliations of our accounts. A lot of times you end up chasing something down or have to step away. Or sometimes your amounts are off and you want to make a quick note as to why so when you …

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